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The One-Stop has a number of training and educational opportunities for job seekers who want to learn a new field or enhance their present skills to find a new job.

On-the-Job Training Grants (OJTs) - Individuals who are economically disadvantaged or dislocated in their job by a layoff may be eligible to receive an OJT grant. One-Stop counselors work with prospective employees to match them with open positions in local firms. The One-Stop then reimburses employers for some of the costs associated with training the new employee.

Individual Training Account Grants (ITAs) - Individuals who are economically disadvantaged or dislocated in their job by a layoff who have not been able to secure an OJT may be eligible to receive an ITA grant up to $4,000. Clients can chose from a number of leading post-secondary schools or colleges, provided the school is approved by the LWD and the field is deemed a demand occupation. To learn more about the process, please attend an Information Session.

Training and Workshops - If you need to upgrade your present skills or need to be re-trained in order to return to the job market, you must attend a Career Beacon Training Workshop. For details, please attend an Information Session.

E-Learning (E-Connect) is a job training opportunity that offers participants the ability to access over 2,500 online courses from various career fields. Many courses are certified for college credit and/or Continuing Education Units (CEU's). For details please attend an Information Session.

Classroom Training & Additional Benefits (ABT) - if you have not been able to find employment after documented participation in core and intensive services, your case manager may discuss training options with you.

You may be eligible for Additional Unemployment Benefits while in Training (ABT) no matter how your training is funded, but only if a LWD counselor approves your training plan before you enroll and your Unemployment claim meets certain requirements.

Tuition Waivers for qualified unemployed individuals, issued by the NJ State Employment Service, allow attendance of courses at public colleges, if there is space after paying students have registered. Courses must be in an identifiable job skill in a demand occupation. For details, please attend an Information Session.

The Workforce Learning Link provides adult learners with the ability to upgrade soft skills or educational skills in reading, writing and math. For an assessment, call Helen Gonzalez, 201-329-9600 x5648.

Special Programs

The Displaced Homemaker Program at the One Stop is for for individuals who have been dependent on the income of another household member; but due to changes, must now support themselves and/or their family. Programs are free to those who qualify. For details, please contact: Laura Troy, 201-329-9600 x5533 or Davida Hunter-Cummins x5510..

Youth Services for low-income and at-risk individuals ages 14 through 24 include improvement of educational competencies connections to employers, mentoring, training, supportive services, and opportunities related to leadership, decision making, citizenship, and community service. For details, please contact Sharon Phillips 201-329-9600 x5556.


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